I have found out the link to the free PDF is no longer good, so I have re-found it and it is posted below.

Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette by Robert C. Kane


My words are few an far between because I only transcribe them when the mood fits me; when the muse takes my hand and guides my thoughts towards enlightening others.  I know many are becoming aware of the evil constructed within our world,; those that have led us with sweet lies must work harder to keep us chasing a carrot, or a shadow, or even our own tails.  The resources and riches they have at their disposal are endless and it is clear who has the upper hand, however as long as truth lives and breathes in this world it will try its best to swim through the darkness and through whatever medium it can take.

I’ve never been a person for talking on phones, I prefer to talk to someone face to face rather than on a machine.  Perhaps I’m on the cusp of the age where cell phones were extraneous; back then they were clunky and boring with basic interfaces and basic functions.  I remember being happy with my first cell phone even though it was all in black and white; had midi ringtones and a few tool functions.  I’m not even that old, I’m only twenty-nine and the technology from when i first got a cell phone (14-15) has developed exponentially since that time into the sleek smart phones that you see today. 

At this present time I don’t own a smart phone, I-Phone, I-Anything,  nor do I desire one; sleek commercials are lost on me as I learned how market advertising worked while in college as well as through my own research.  I don’t care what it can do, what apps it can run, what games it can play, all I need is a device that I can use to keep in contact with work, family and friends.     I’ve owned several game consoles throughout my life; the original Gameboy which I played endlessly and did indeed have much fun with; the Sega Saturn, and Original Playstation, graduating to the PS2,  and I eventually bought a Wii and an original Nintendo DS.  But I digress, this blog is not about games, which I love, perhaps I can cover this topic another time with a more happier tone.  Alas time is a factor now and I have to stop writing, so I will provide the information that I wanted to share in the first place, about cell phone radiation.  The link is to a pdf of a book by Robert C. Kane, called Cellular Tellephone Russian Roulette.  Even though I know a little about the dangers of cell phone radiation, I will be reading this for the first time, so even I hope to learn more in this field.  http://www.general-files.org/go/123665458000


For my very first blog post I am going to share with you the Foreword from Taylor Caldwell’s novel Captains and The Kings: The Story of An American Dynasty.  I believe the information shared is still as relevant today as when it was penned by its author.   There is much for us to learn and also re-learn about our world’s and our nation’s history.  We all know that history is written by the winners; and is therefore susceptible to errors, omissions & re-writes.

Also unfortunately, it will always be controlled and censored by those who are working “behind the scenes”, by the evil power structure that threatens the safety, lively hood and freedom of not only Americans but all the citizens of our world.  At this point in our history I believe that there might not be much that can be done to free us from their grasp, but as long as we have free thinking, intelligent individuals…there is at least a glimmer of hope left.




This book is dedicated to the young people of America, who are rebelling because they know there is something very wrong with their country, but do not know just what it is.  I hope this book will help to enlighten them.

There is not, to my knowledge, any family like the “Armagh Family” in America, nor has there ever been, and all characters, except those obviously historical, are my own invention.  However, the historical background and the political background of this novel are authentic.  The “Committee For Foreign Studies” does indeed exist, today as of yesterday, and so does the  “Scardo Society”, but not by these names.

There is indeed a “plot against the people”, and probably always will be, for government has always been hostile towards the governed.  It is not a new story, and the conspirators and conspiracies have varied from era to era, depending on the political or economic situation in their various countries.

But it was not until the era of the League of Just Men and Karl Marx that conspirators and conspiracies became one, with one aim, one objective, and one determination.  This has nothing to do with any “ideology” or form of government, or ideals or “materialism” or any other catchphrases generously fed to the unthinking masses.  It has absolutely nothing to do with races or religions, for the conspirators are beyond what they call “such trivialities.”  They are also beyond good and evil.  The Caesars they put into power are their creatures, whether they know it or not, and the peoples of all nations are helpless, whether they live in America, Europe, Russia, China, Africa or South America.    They will always be helpless until they are aware of their real enemy.

President John F. Kennedy knew what he was talking about when he spoke of the “Gnomes of Zurich.”  Perhaps he knew too much!  Coups d’etat are an old story, but they are now growing too numerous.  This is probably the last hour for mankind as a rational species, before it becomes the slave of a “planned society.”  A bibliography ends the book, and I hope many of my readers will avail themselves of the facts.  That is all the hope I have.

-Taylor Caldwell (1972)